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As I approach my 76th birthday (June 4, 2023), I am no longer looking for business as any type of consultant. I will either be working for someone as an employee, where I will be able to bring to bear my expertise and knowledge, or merely enjoying my retirement and continuing to write sporadically. I was never too keen on continuing to build my reputation, except for the first few years after I retired from PWR in 2010, so I’m just going to coast from here on out. I’m leaving this page up for reference.

I have been studying and using social media for quite some time now. Up until May of 2010 I was focussing almost exclusively on the needs of the company I was then working for, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne – now Aerojet Rocketdyne. I had been working there for 21 of the previous 23 years, having taken a couple years off in an ill-fated but important attempt to re-join a family business.

Prior to my first day at what was then called merely Rocketdyne, I spent over 20 years in small business, much of it in the food industry. Subsequent to my departure from Rocketdyne, I initially expected to offer my services to medium and large companies as someone who had spent close to 15 years working on what we called Knowledge Management (KM). I had come to believe that social media was key in really providing the communication, collaboration, and findability that had always been (at least in my mind) the holy grail of KM. Unfortunately, at least in the Aerospace industry, that wasn’t to be . . . for me.

Somewhere around 2009
November 2022

I now find myself absolutely fascinated by the prospects I see in the use of social media for small business marketing. I am also very interested in seeing how it can be used to increase the effectiveness of both local government and education, but I am now concentrating on small business marketing. I’d like to think I’ve become a fairly knowledgeable Social Media Marketing Strategist. From my experience looking at how it’s being used by restaurants, retail stores, and service providers (including professionals), I’m convinced there is a huge amount of potential for growth and development.

If you’re interested in hearing more, no matter where you’re located, please contact me. I can promise you’ll learn something . . . as will I. You can also find out more about me by clicking on one or more of the links below. If you “like” my Facebook Business Page, I will continue sharing useful information as I come across it. Thank you.

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