Smile When You Say “Edumacation”?

I have had an interesting relationship with our educational system. A product of the public schools in Los Angeles, I did not attend college after my High School graduation, instead gaining experience in the world of small business. At the age of 26, I earned admission to an accredited Law School in Southern California and received my Juris Doctorate in 1976. Many years later, I took advantage of the generous educational support United Technologies provided its employees and worked on a Masters Degree in Knowledge Management, which I received (with Distinction) in 2009.

I am a lifelong learner, who believes everyone can and should learn something new every day of their lives. I also believe everyone should share their knowledge and, in doing so, actually become better versed at what they know while improving the knowledge available to all of us.

One response to “Education

  • StephenAlan

    In at least some other languages, the word used means ‘to give shape to’. I always liked the Edge-U-cated heel of my baseball glove in childhood – sounded good to me. This makes ‘training’ more of a synonym for the word ‘education’ than ‘learned’ – a process that makes you ready for the collisions that are going to be coming down on you. I think that there’s a certain need for education to be something outside of the normal course of life. It is not a natural event – you have to make a concerted effort for it. Learning can be natural or contrived; experience only natural.


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