The Collapse of Christmas

Santa Claus, Garfield, & Frosty

Santa & Friends After a Rough Night


As the nefarious forces of darkness and unbelieverness wage their ubiquitous war on Christmas, it’s time we recognized a significant tragedy taking place every morning between Thanksgiving and New Years. While I realize just how seriously Christmas is suffering under the onslaught of the heathens and pagans of the world, I am gravely concerned over the unending collapse of the Christmas spirit I witness every morning.


As Mr. Mom, one of my responsibilities to my family is to chauffeur my two children to school each morning they’re required by the State to be in attendance. Lately, as I diligently perform my daddly duty, I am reminded of the early morning sadness and the deflated feeling so many must experience as they encounter what were earlier bright, cheerful, and completely inflated characters – now languishing in flaccid, wilted sorrow on many a front lawn. Santa, Frosty, Garfield, and Tigger – down for the count, or at least during daylight hours.


It’s difficult for me to see these miserable characters, once so bright and bouncy, laying expended and useless on numerous lawns scattered throughout our neighborhood. Perhaps they could be enlisted for a spot with Pfizer or Lilly. Surely they must have a cure for this malady, though I’m pretty sure these things are erect each night for longer than four hours.

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I retired nearly 13 years ago, though I've continued to work during most of the time since then. I'm hoping to return to work on the RS-25 rocket engine program (formerly the SSME) which will power our return to the moon. Mostly I'm just cruising, making the most of what time I have remaining. Although my time is nearly up, I still care deeply about the kind of world I'll be leaving to those who follow me and, to that end, I am devoted to seeing the forces of repression and authoritarianism are at least held at bay, if not crushed out of existence. I write about things that interest me and, as an eclectic soul, my interests run the gamut from science to spirituality, governance to economics, art and engineering. I'm hopeful one day my children will read what I've left behind. View all posts by Rick Ladd

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