So This Is What Retirement’s Like

Finding it more and more interesting to be back working after nearly five years of (sort of) retirement. I’m thinking I’m the poster boy for a new form of the twilight years of one’s career. In my case, I am doing work that I did a couple of decades ago; not using my real strengths – other than my ability to come up-to-speed quickly and move far ahead from where I’m expected to be. The pay ain’t too shabby, either. On the other hand, I’m not exactly doing anything terribly stressful (there is the occasional moment) and it’s giving me the opportunity to become a Microsoft Project expert. I don’t believe there are more than a handful of people here who really know how to use all the functionality Project offers. I don’t think it has much to do with them, either. Between the existence of numerous legacy systems for scheduling and accounting, as well as the mess that three separate, major acquisitions in less than two decades has wrought, expedience and efficiency aren’t exactly hallmarks of how things get done.

About Rick Ladd

Since my retirement from Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne in 2010, I have spent quite a bit of energy on developing work as a social media marketer for small business, a business manager for an AI software development firm, and as an editor/proofreader for a number of business books and a couple of novels, as well as a two-year return engagement at Rocketdyne from 2015 to 2017. I have decided to stop actively pursuing business in these fields and am now positioning myself to be a writer. I have done quite a bit of writing over the years, but I’ve never really attempted to make any money at it; at least not specifically. I’m starting out with a couple of memoirs and, currently, I’m studying the craft, creating a detailed outline and timeline, and honing my skills as a storyteller. Pretty sure I’ll be writing some fiction as well. View all posts by Rick Ladd

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