Pass Me a Brolly Please

I generally check the weather using Weatherunderground. It’s reasonably reliable and its name carries a certain wisp of nostalgia for me. I started doing it in earnest a few years ago, when my then 10-year-old daughter started asking me every morning so she would know how to dress for school.

Today, before I left the house, it was raining so I made sure to read the special weather statement and learn what was going on. It seems the remnants of Hurricane Blanca are bringing a fair amount of instability and a substantial possibility of rain and thunderstorms, including cloud-to-ground lightning. The time of day when the odds for precipitation are the greatest coincides with the time I’ll be leaving work for home.


Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Understandable in This Context

 So . . . since it was already in my car from the last time (which, amazingly enough, wasn’t all that long ago) I used it, I carried my umbrella into the building with me. I noticed others didn’t have umbrellas and, in fact, there seems to be a direct correlation between age and the use of an umbrella. Then, as I thought of it, I remembered there is generally a stigma associated with men and umbrellas, esp. young, virile men and . . . well . . . no umbrellas. As proof, I offer the following article from last fall, as well as these two pictures, which I believe represent the most vulnerable – with respect to securing their manliness – among us.

Why Real Men Don’t Use Umbrellas

Reagan & Nancy



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