I Think I’m Going to Keep on Truckin’

Bday Cake

It’s my 70th soon. Call the Fire Dept.

I knew it was coming, but I just spaced the fact that two days ago was exactly when I hit being ten years older than my father was when he died. He was approximately two months shy of his 60th birthday and I’m a little less than two months shy of my 70th.

Shortly after his death, I was certain 59 would be my end as well, because I’d heard all my life how I was exactly like him and, from all appearances – including my personality – that seemed true. Fortunately for me, as time went by I came to see ways in which I was far more like my maternal grandfather.

Now . . . ten years after I passed that admittedly self-imposed, and somewhat neurotic, deadline, I have yet to have one heart attack, let alone three like my father. I’m lighter and in better shape than I’ve been in probably 40 years (certainly 30, as my metabolism made a noticeable change when I turned 40). I feel great . . . for the most part. I am, after all, almost 70 years old and there are some inevitable consequences of all that mileage, but I’m looking forward to the next decade or two. Maybe three if I’m lucky and I continue taking care of myself. My greatest fear, I guess, is that I’ll reach a point where I just won’t give a shit any longer. Although it does cross my mind occasionally, I’m not too worried about it. Life is good.

About Rick Ladd

I retired nearly 13 years ago, though I've continued to work during most of the time since then. I'm hoping to return to work on the RS-25 rocket engine program (formerly the SSME) which will power our return to the moon. Mostly I'm just cruising, making the most of what time I have remaining. Although my time is nearly up, I still care deeply about the kind of world I'll be leaving to those who follow me and, to that end, I am devoted to seeing the forces of repression and authoritarianism are at least held at bay, if not crushed out of existence. I write about things that interest me and, as an eclectic soul, my interests run the gamut from science to spirituality, governance to economics, art and engineering. I'm hopeful one day my children will read what I've left behind. View all posts by Rick Ladd

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