Justice Matters – 9/29/20

Another episode of former federal prosecutors YouTube videos. This story has been in the news quite a bit, and Glenn’s analysis is, as always , an excellent recap of what happened and what we should be paying attention to. Here’s what was written to accompany this video:

“After Department of Justice lawyers spent hours arguing that Mike Flynn is receiving no special or favorable treatment due to his connections to the president, Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, blows it all up. Judge Sullivan essentially cross-examined Ms.Powell, asking if she had any conversations with the president. At first she said no, then she absurdly tried to invoke ‘executive privilege’ (which only applies to executive branch officials, not private defense attorneys), and then admitted she met with Trump recently to give him ‘an update about Flynn’s case.’ She then said they had discussed a pardon, though she claimed she told Trump she did not want him to pardon Flynn. Fact plainly is stranger than fiction. Here’s what we can expect next in the never-ending saga of the Mike Flynn case.”

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