E2.0 – Putting a Systems Face on it

One of my Twitter friends directed me to a post she had just put up on the FASTForward blog entitled “The Context of ‘Intent'”. There’s a lot of savvy understanding in this post of hers about how E2.0 needs to synthesize the concepts of adaptation and emergence. One major thing I got out of it may be very applicable to my efforts – and those of many of my colleagues – at developing an enterprise-wide approach to Lessons Learned. In order to do so, we have to change our understanding (IMO) of what exactly Lessons Learned are, i.e. where do they come from, how do we “capture” them, and how do they get used?

Currently, we tend to think of Lessons Learned as special moments in time when we recognize something in our experience has given us an insight that should be captured and made available to others who may be duplicating what we’ve been doing that “generated” the lesson. However, I’m of the opinion lessons are embodied in virtually every document we create. Granted, many of them may be somewhat trivial or don’t have major,  generic implications, but they are lessons  nonetheless.

Getting back to Paula’s blog. It seems to me it would really be valuable (and would  surely be an E2.0 app) if we could create a system which would continuously allow for adaptation of its functionality based on the users’ experience and their desire for adaptation to take the app’s “Lessons” into consideration in making it more capable and responsive. I recommend highly reading this short (despite Paula’s protestations otherwise) blog.

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