Rock Formation – Indio

Rock Formation – Indio

Originally uploaded by rickladd

Although I found this rock formation particularly interesting (note it appears to be sedimentary layers that have been rotated an entire 90 degrees), my primary interest in posting this is to test the efficacy of Flickr’s post to blog functionality. This is the first picture I am posting here, but it probably won’t be the last. If you read my blog you will probably note my interests are rather eclectic. Also, since my wife purchased a Canon 50D and gave me her 10D, with a couple of lenses to boot, I would like to start taking a few more pictures than I have in quite a while. I’ll post them here once in a while. So let’s see how this works, eh?

Later note – It appears to have worked just fine. If you click on the picture you’ll be taken to my Flickr account. I’m beginning to upload more pictures; some of them taken years ago but ones I like or think are interesting. I hope you do as well.

One more thing. In looking at this picture it occurred to me this formation had to be created by tectonic activity. I knew the San Andreas fault was somewhere nearby, but a quick search led me to the fact that it starts just north of the Salton Sea which, coincidentally, is where Indio is. I didn’t wish to take the time to research this fully, but I’m fairly confident this major fault begins right about where this picture was taken (which explains a lot to me).


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