Look Out Boston, Here I Come

Along with a couple hundred (?) of my best virtual friends, I’ll be in Boston next week for the Enterprise 2.0 Conference. Last Friday I treated myself – for my 63rd birthday – to a new Apple 64Gb, 3G iPad and I’m taking it with instead of my laptop.

At the very least, I expect it will provide me with enough entertainment to keep me occupied on the plane both ways, as well as give me something to do with my time if (God forbid) I should at any time get bored.

As someone who has been constrained to use the technology that was given to me by the company I worked for, and generally only had the same kind of technology at home (inasmuch as my personal life has always been so intertwined with my professional life), this has been a real treat. Additionally, I’ve not had an iPhone so I’m not used to having so many apps available and, this is really fun, I haven’t had a touch screen . . . ever.

I’m going to do what I can to both tweet and blog from the conference, but I expect to spend a lot of time with the carbon-based representations of the many people I have only gotten to know virtually over the past few years. I’m truly excited; no mean feat for a guy like me.

About Rick Ladd

I retired nearly 13 years ago, though I've continued to work during most of the time since then. I'm hoping to return to work on the RS-25 rocket engine program (formerly the SSME) which will power our return to the moon. Mostly I'm just cruising, making the most of what time I have remaining. Although my time is nearly up, I still care deeply about the kind of world I'll be leaving to those who follow me and, to that end, I am devoted to seeing the forces of repression and authoritarianism are at least held at bay, if not crushed out of existence. I write about things that interest me and, as an eclectic soul, my interests run the gamut from science to spirituality, governance to economics, art and engineering. I'm hopeful one day my children will read what I've left behind. View all posts by Rick Ladd

4 responses to “Look Out Boston, Here I Come

  • Marianne Barrett

    Rick, good choice of productivity tool for travel. I saw at a Symposium recently an iPad in action by a fellow meeting attendee who traveled from Thailand.

    My Thai colleague felt the iPad offered him all the bells and whistles necessary to keep him productively occupied while awaiting flights in airports, taking notes at the Symposium, and getting work done during meeting lulls. He bragged, portability was a snap! And he was quite pleased with battery life, meaning he was no longer tethered to a power outlet most of the day.
    I predict an iPad in my future, someday.

    Enjoy your new toy … er, I mean, your very cool green productivity tool!


    • Rick Ladd

      Thanks, MB. I keep thinking of reasons I might want to bring a laptop as well but, on balance, I just can’t justify the extra weight and the constant need to suck power from wherever I’m at. The iPad batteries seem to provide close to 10 hours of nearly continuous service, even if you listen to music or watch videos, podcasts, etc. We’ll see how it goes. I’m leaving in a few hours. Straight from Burbank to Boston, with a small side trip to Dallas/Ft. Worth. Ah, the wonders of Economy class.


  • Chuck Hall

    Your comments are poetic Rick, in that un-“constrained” like you were previously you have the freedom to explore something, discover new things and experience a different world. Interesting as you head to Enterpise 2.0!

    Like you, I have recently embarked on the path of exploration with the iPad. I have found it has completely changed the way I market to my clients with some unexpected benefits. Suddenly, my business is greener in more ways than one. It is amazing what happens when we can live, work, explore free of prior constraints.


    • Rick Ladd

      Thanks for the kind words, Chuck. I, too, am finding the iPad is changing the way I work and play. I have no doubt, as an early adopter, I’m “dooming” myself to a less than optimal experience. However, this is so far above what I’ve become accustomed to, I believe it will be sometime before I feel as though I’m missing anything.

      I’m looking forward to spending some quality (perhaps slightly inebriated) face-time with you next week.


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