Everything There is to Know about the Enterprise 2.0 Conference – Boston 2010

Yeah, I know. Pretty pretentious title there, eh? But, seriously, I’m not referring to what I know about the conference. I’m just going to provide you with one link I think contains just about everything you can access (after the fact) that was recorded or written about it. This includes an extensive tweetlog and recordings of quite a few of the keynotes.

Caveat Emptor – the link is to a wiki I’m pretty sure anyone can read. If you wish to add something to it, however, I believe you will have to sign up with PBWorks (it’s free). The wiki is courtesy of @jimworth, but it has been co-created by numerous people who were at the conference or were following the live tweeting and blogging that was going on at the time.

My hat’s off to Jim and everyone who took the time to share their thoughts about, or any work they created from, the Enterprise 2.0 Conference held this past June, 2010. I had an amazing time and contributed my cent and a half as well. Next up, I’m going to share my thoughts about some things I think are missing, or not discussed enough, in the conversation about E2.0, including more on its relationship with KM and what it has and doesn’t have in common with Web 2.0.

So . . . before I forget, here’s the link. Hope you enjoy.

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