Tunisia’s Revolution Was Twitterized

I think anybody who is interested in the power of social media to revolutionize not merely the way we do business, but the way we live our lives, should be paying close attention to what’s happening in Tunisia. I wish I’d known about this earlier. This likely is a harbinger of more changes to come, as peoples’ ability to communicate, share, inform, and educate (all of which facilitate collaboration and innovation) expands to ubiquity.

To me this represents an aspect of emergence that is incredibly exciting. It’s very democratic and participatory, incredibly disruptive, yet it’s hard to say what that will mean as process and structure coalesce behind our desires and needs. Gives me goosebumps!

We couldn’t spread democracy through the use of force very effectively (and surely not very efficiently), but technology is doing it for us . . . and to us. I was thinking this is part of our evolution, but then – since we’ve created the technology – realized it’s intelligent design =;^D

About Rick Ladd

Born in 1947, I am an officially retired pensioner who still has two teenage daughters and a desire to contribute. I remain intensely interested in, and fascinated by, Systems Thinking, Machine Learning, Knowledge Management, Decision Intelligence, and Business in general. I am also conversant in such concepts as innovation and ideation, collaborative tools and strategies, crowdsourcing, and the use of social media to accomplish goals ranging from improving business processes to promoting small retail businesses. Since my "retirement" I have done a little bit of freelancing as an editor/proofreader, as well as some technical writing. I've also done a fair amount of Facebook marketing as well. There's lots more where that came from. Need some help? Perhaps another set of eyes? Contact me. The first one's free! ;0) View all posts by Rick Ladd

2 responses to “Tunisia’s Revolution Was Twitterized

  • Vencil

    They are Twittering, right now,that the Police are using full muscle to give the appearance that Abidine Ben Ali is still in control and that things will return to normal when he returns. Tweet that that will not happen and that a Unified body is what they need for reform…ousting of Arabic control gives other countries second thought…time for Change! With the smart phones being a larger part of daily Arabic life, the People will be speaking…in 140 characters or less. That will lead to real-time postings like: “…the people are rioting in the streets …oh no, he’s going to club me in the hea…”
    Great post. Technology to a World Technocracy, where the People of the world will share, inform and enhance lives around the planet…with freedom of speech!


  • Trisha

    Haa… intelligent design! Well played!


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