Back In The Saddle Again

Well, here it is Monday, January 4 and, after a week and a half of “vacation” it’s time to return to work. After nearly five years of retirement, which included a few different client engagements during that time, it became painfully obvious to me I need structure to really make the most of whatever it is I’m doing.

Returning to my “alma mater” – Rocketdyne – has been a blessing, though there are times (like this morning) when I don’t quite feel up to it. It’s given me the need to regiment myself and structured my time in a way I find useful and even enjoyable.

The holidays were, as always, reasonably enjoyable. Seeing and spending time with family is always special. Some of my cousins I only see once a year. However, returning to the routine that has lost me nearly 15 pounds in the last six months and strengthened my body and increased my stamina considerably, is a good thing.

OK – I’m done, cleaned up, presentable, lunch packed, and my new backpack is ready and rarin’ to go. I’m off. Here’s to a great year. Actually, I’ll be happy for a decent week.

About Rick Ladd

Born in 1947, I am an officially retired pensioner who still has two teenage daughters and a desire to contribute. I remain intensely interested in, and fascinated by, Systems Thinking, Machine Learning, Knowledge Management, Decision Intelligence, and Business in general. I am also conversant in such concepts as innovation and ideation, collaborative tools and strategies, crowdsourcing, and the use of social media to accomplish goals ranging from improving business processes to promoting small retail businesses. Since my "retirement" I have done a little bit of freelancing as an editor/proofreader, as well as some technical writing. I've also done a fair amount of Facebook marketing as well. There's lots more where that came from. Need some help? Perhaps another set of eyes? Contact me. The first one's free! ;0) View all posts by Rick Ladd

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